Courtney McKenna

Costume designer, singer-songwriter, and producer - there is nothing that is going to stop this creative and determined spirit. Courtney is dedicated to helping others grow and thrive through art, collaboration, and connection. Her mission is to build strong communities through beautiful experiences harnessing art, media, design, and entertainment that expand perspectives.

When she is not busy building her own music empire, Courtney is the tour manager for The Gary Douglas Band who has toured with Los Lonely Boys, The Mavericks, Donna The Buffalo, Paul Thorne and Southside Johnny.

Courtney has the ability to light up a room and has style for days. She was first introduced to music through church choir at the age of 3 and has been singing ever since. After studying Consumer Science in college, she taught herself guitar and got back to song writing in order to heal herself of her secret depression and perpetual heartbreak. Songwriting is her emotional therapy and performing is the means to which she births joy into the world.

Courtney’s lyrical content paint a detached view of reality that is grounded by her raw and soulful vocals. Courtney approaches songwriting from a poetic perspective; the result is feminine, transportive and earnest.

Before moving to Los Angles earlier this year to pursue her music career, Courtney established herself as the go-to singer-songwriter in NYC for community events and happenings. Her melodic and explorative sound has been featured in podcasts such as ‘Women of Substance’ and ‘A Revolutionary Woman’ as well as blogs like Interlocutor and Quiet Lunch. Find press features here.

In her recent past Courtney was Head of Production at Series X where she managed clients like Indie App to launch the first ever new music discovery platform on Facebook Messenger partnering with Hot 97’s Who’s Next and Ryan Leslie.

Upcoming 2019 Releases -

August 2nd - ‘Afterglow’ Music Video shot and edited by Eric Swiz assisted by Charnele Crick.

September 6th - ‘Afterglow’ 9 track solo acoustic recording collaboration with The 83rd.

September 23rd - Leesta Vall Recording Project.

Latest Releases -

‘Venus Of The Milky Way’, April 27th - Original score for the art film by Shavana Smiley. Premiered in Seven Minus Seven Gallery in Saint Thomas USVI.

‘Free’ Single, April 5th - A folk song about defining oneself in the midst of an all consuming relationship.

‘In The Garden’ Music Video, March 15th - Filmed by Terese Pagh, edited and Produced by MK of Team Fam Productions

‘In The Garden’ Single, February 15th - A folk ballad about emotional discovery and coming to terms with reality.

New York Christmas Blues’ EP, November 2018 - 'It Came Upon a Midnight Clear', 'Go Tell It On The Mountain' and one original title track ‘New York Christmas Blues’. 

‘Renegade’ EP, November 2018 - Gives an honest account of the process of becoming self aware and sober through determination and imagination.

Sanctuary, September 2018 - An uplifting soundscape created for the gallery show “Flower Offerings” by Sirikul Pattachote.

Courtney’s latest work has been producer The 83rd. The duo used vintage tape machines and nontraditional recording equipment such as a bullet harmonica mic for vocals. Their experimental recording technique lends well to the songwriter’s humanistic folk content.

The 83rd is an American record producer, engineer, sound designer and label owner who started his career on Grammy winner Maurice Joshua's production team in 2004.

Albeit a newcomer to recording, Courtney has been performing and creating in the New York art scene for nearly 9 years now. Her initial explorative work after college as a costume designer and visual artist led her back to her first true love of singing and learning guitar to support her voice. Courtney has been booked for numerous unique musical performance and cultural community events such as “A Revolutionary Woman” Live Podcast Launch at Bowery Poetry, “Spill Space” Psychotherapeutic Movement at Otion Front Studios, “Fonda Chilena” at Lord and Taylor New York organized by the Government of Chile, and "Mercury Retrograde" at The Alchemist Kitchen.

More recently Courtney has put together a full band and began playing NYC staple venues such as Bowery Electric and Rockwood Music Hall. She has also performed at The Mint in Los Angeles and House of Blues Anaheim. Watch previous shows! She’s been a featured performer at The Lower East Side Songwriting Showcase and twice for VOCÊ - real talk, realpolitik by Ars Poetica.

In September 2018 Courtney created a musical soundscape for the six week long art show and wellness experience Flower Offerings by Sirikul Pattachote. The art show was hosted by AG Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and played her music during the entire length of the show. Courtney performed her soundscape live for the opening event and two following ticketed dates.

In October 2018 Courtney recorded a 3-track Christmas EP with The 83rd including one original song New York Christmas Blues featuring her band. The original song playfully discusses the commercial aspects of Christmas before reminding us all of the joy that spending time with loved ones can bring. It is a direct reminder of how cultural wellness is dependent on true human connection. The track captures a raw and muddy sound reminiscent of a classic 1960's rock band or a Ray Charles Album.

In 2017 Courtney embarked on her first tour of the US west coast where she played classic venues such as The Mint - Los Angeles, The Hard Rock Hotel - Palm Springs, and Cafe International on the Haight - San Francisco. The same year, she released a rough-cut mixtape of her original songs layered between sound samples she collected on her travels called 'Astral Spectrology' and her first works of published poetry in '102 Haiku Journal'.