First Official Music Video and March Moving Madness!

Aloha my beloved friends, fans, and family -

I have so many new updates for you!

This biggest one, and the reason it has taken me so long to write you this month is that just about 6 weeks ago, I decided to move to Los Angeles. It was a very fast decision considering that just two weeks prior, I was actively bragging about how amazing my Greenpoint neighborhood is. Now that I am here in California, it feels generally great, but equally strange and exciting.

Since 2014 I have been dreaming about moving back west but I was not ready. I thought I would move to California to start a family, not a career in Rock N Roll. lol But here I am - heading full force ahead with my guitar babies in tow, straight to Los Angeles. I will be there for two weeks before I head back east for a 3 week run of shows - my own and with The Gary Douglas Band.

My biggest fear of leaving New York was that I would lose connection to all of you guys - incredible friends and inspiring artists who I have come to know in the nearly 9 years I have lived in Brooklyn. I am confident with my decision to keep my tour manager job and my practice space so that I can come back to NY frequently to play shows with my band and hit the road in the fall. I hope that if I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to you in person, you can come join me and my full band at Rockwood Music Hall on April 3rd, stage 1 at 10 PM. We have Andrew Friedman joining Idan, Guy and I on the bass and so our sound is a bit funkier now - come groove with us!

Here is how it happened…

On Tuesday, February 12th, I was watching the sunset at Hale Kai and the closer it came to the horizon, the more permanent my urge to move west became. Something inside me switched. After my job ended, I had to find a new apartment, and my Grandpa passed last April, I was feeling ready for a bigger life change. I finally committed fully to my music and I was making waves with recording my own songs, putting together a band and creating a soundscape for my friend Kay’s gallery show but the pressure to grind never subsided.

rockwood april 3rd flier.jpg

The intensity of New York that used to fuel my song writing seemed to be weighing on me in an unshakable way. I thought that if I just had control over my own schedule then I could find a healthier balance between the work and wellness I was seeking but once I had that, it the pressure stayed the same.

I realized I never felt this pressure when I was living on the West Coast. I used to say that NYC was addicting - that it would make me feel some sort of rush from the steady stream of anxiety that the city seems to produce. It still thrills me but I am happy to just be a visitor now as I seek out a new balanced life in Los Angeles. I want to co-write songs and create exciting sound collaborations with as many people as possible and then bring my band on the road this fall!

As tour manager for The Gary Douglas Band, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many great venue management teams. I enjoy being a tour manager because its fun to explore new towns while getting to know the talented players I get to spend time with. Shout out to my girl Jess who just put out her new single “Something I Said”!

We have been opening for Donna The Buffalo who I am in love with. They will get you grooving. Their female player Tara is super talented. She plays at least seven different instruments, kills it on the fiddle, and sounds like a young Emmy Lou Harris.  Jordy is their merch guy/friend/tour manager, basically just a bad ass. He knows every single one of their fans and keeps the whole family together. Another shout out to Jordy for letting me hang and giving me my very own Donna The Buffalo shirt.

Speaking of collabs...

In the past few weeks when I was back in New York, I got to catch up with Shavana Smiley and her team to review the direction of the soundtrack I am creating for her art film. This will be my second recorded composition for an art installation empowering women and I’m so happy that I am continuing this theme throughout my art. It is such a crucial time for us to come together as women to support each other.  It will premier at The Seven Minus Seven Gallery in Saint Thomas, USVI next month on Saturday, April 27th. Check out this sneak peak image from the film!


Oh yea, did you hear?!

I put out my first official single and music video!!! I premiered ‘In the Garden’ live from Hale Kai on February 15th, 2019. Last Friday on March 15th, I released a music video for the song that I made this past summer with Michael Kammers and Terese Pagh. I am so proud of this work. The music video is a psychedelic brain melting experience unto itself. Have you seen it yet?! Check it out below! Kammers used his film editing magic to place me inside a digital dystopia to tell the story of emotional discovery. In the video I am seeking out the darkness in my own self that I originally discovered in someone else. The hardest step in recovery to wellness and self dependence is recognizing and acknowledging your own darkness.

The release show for ‘In The Garden’ was off the hook - it was emotional, intimate and beautiful. I performed for the first official Hawaii School of Voice Campfire Series and I am sure that I will always remember this show. I had the whole audience singing with me! Hawaii has a rejuvenating spirit that I am convinced is meant to propel you towards your dreams. It is such a magical place. I am so grateful for the time I have spent there. Each time is different and each time I leave feeling encouraged and with a full heart.


Before I left for Hawaii, I was in Los Angeles wrapping retreat details with my business partner and to play a show in Hollywood. I knew it was Grammy week but little did I know I would be playing a set to wrap up a party for Recording Academy Voters. 😂 I met some wonderful members and I’m grateful for all that they can teach me.

bar 20 2.9.19.png

And Finally…


It really feels too soon but I’ve already submitted it to CD baby- my next single is coming April 5th! I am playing a two hour set at Co-Work Cafe in Arlington, VA that Friday with my new tunes and a few cover songs by female songwriters of the past 8 decades inspired by March and #WomensHistoryMonth.

The next month is going to be jam packed with fun stuff so stay tuned!

Thank you for listening, for sharing my music and my new video, and for all of your continual encouragement! I pray that I may inspire each of you to follow your own dreams and that you have a successful month in your own creative pursuits! Please share them with me so we can celebrate together!

Thank you, I love you!