The Courtney McKenna Band at Bowery Electric

We had a blast playing at Bowery Electric with our friends Chris Leyva and Alex Ramone. A special ‘Thank you’ to my sorority sisters who came out to see us play that night! It had been years since we had the chance to get together until recently and so it felt extra special to have them there.

I was very excited to play here knowing it is a staple venue in the NYC night-life music scene. I also was super pumped to play the night before halloween since you know how much I love costumes. This was my first Halloween show and I went in wearing a full face of glitter, aside from the usual get up.

Chris and I met four years ago in Los Angeles at a Kareoke night though our friend whose family business is to sell Beatlemania merchandise. We’ve kept in touch over the years. In 2017 he helped me to set up some shows in California and invited me to sing with his band in Ventura that spring. I’m grateful for our friendship. Also, Thank you to Alex and Hank who brought out more friends to the show!

This was the first show we got to perform as a full band and it went fairly smoothly. I really love Idan and Guy, they are easy going and extremly talented players. I’ve been describing playing with them as ‘finding balance for the first time on ice skates”.

The sound in the space is great for such a cozy room. The iphone video we got of the night doesn’t capture it fully but it gives you an idea. Here’s a video of us performing my song ‘Renegade’ -

Courtney McKenna